La Mediterranee, Noe, SF

8 Best Restaurants Near the Castro Theatre
Devotees “dream about” the “simple” Middle Eastern–Med menu from “savory” “phyllo treats” to “great” “meze platters” at these ”reasonably priced” “standbys” in the Castro, Upper Fillmore and Berkeley; they’re “not the fanciest of restaurants”, but they’re “as popular as ever” thanks to “warm”, “relaxed” service and “lovely” sidewalk seating perfect for “people-watching.” ZAGAT

A walk along the Market Street portion of the lively Castro neighborhood brings you to an always full but underappreciated little restaurant, La Mediterranee. If it were not such a fixture in the lives of its central city neighbors, La Mediterranee would get the respect it deserves as a cozy spot with generous, delicious food and European informality. The eclectic decor of the little restaurant combines incongruous elements into a coherent whole that projects a warm comfort. It is true that the tables are placed closer together than are most restaurants', but the closeness just adds to the easy, relaxing atmosphere of this neighborhood restaurant worth crossing town for. While all of the phyllo dishes look so interesting and tasty that you'll want to try each one, it is easy to fill up on delicious food by just ordering the salade mediterranee appetizer and splitting it two ways. Garlicky hummus, tart potato salad, tabouli, baba ganoush, and green salad are all served with greens, olives, feta cheese, and plenty of soft pitas. After a little desert, my companion and I were feeling pleased with our meal and thrilled with the bill. Romance may be dear, we found, but it need not be expensive. - THE BAY GUARDIAN

Years ago when I moved to San Francisco, my friends took me to a quaint restaurant called La Mediterranee, located at Noe and Market Streets. Whether you are a vegetarian or a lover of meat, you will find delicious Greek and Middle-Eastern Foods awaiting you there. This is an award-winning restaurant guaranteed to please the palate. I have always been impressed with the quality, flavor and presentation of the food served. Whether you are looking for a light lunch or a romantic dinner, you will enjoy dining here. - HIP POCKET

This Middle-Eastern restaurant has been able to spin off 3 locations, all in desirable areas. With the prices, quality of food and charming ambience, it's little wonder why it's been discovered by bargain-seeking diners. The interiors are different from location to location, but they have the same casual feel that allows you to eat and run, or to linger over coffee and a good selection of teas with a big wedge of baklava filled with nuts. Entrees hover around $12 for more food than most people will eat. Start with Baba Ghanoush or Hummus, served with pita and crunchy raw vegetables. Move on to the Lebanese Kibbeh, a grand mixture of ground lamb spiked with cumin and other spices. And the mixed vegatarian Middle East plate, featuring phyllo-wrapped items and levant bread, offers a host of lively flavors. - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

This is Betty's top all-around pick. The food is amazingly delicious and surprisingly inexpensive. Betty recommends the filo-dough combination plate. The atmosphere is comfy. The service is fast and friendly; the waitresses are always cool. During the day you can sit at one of the tables on the sidewalk. - BETTY & PANSY'S SEVERE QUEER REVIEW

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